Where can I buy MI Paste and MI Paste Plus?

Posted on August 09 2011

The tsunami disaster that occurred last March in Japan not only devastated coastal cities and villages, but, as reported, affected the security of local nuclear power plants, as well. This posed a risk not only to power plant employees and surrounding villages, but also companies that manufacture products internationally for regular consumer use.

GC America, the manufacturer of MI Paste and MI Paste Plus, could be one such affected company. According to our sources, GC America has issued a limited supply of their products as a safety precaution. This company's Japan location has only issued those products that were manufactured before the nuclear threat took place for obvious radiation safety reasons.

Because of this, many other companies could presently be experiencing a shortage of GC America products. One such company is the popular online shopping website, Amazon. has recently been experiencing a shortage of products like MI Paste and MI Paste Plus making it difficult for people to buy MI Paste online. However, it appears that other companies, like us at Mountainside Medical Equipment, ordered their supply just in time.

We have access to a generous 2 year supply of MI Paste and MI Paste Plus in stock. Not only do we sell MI Paste in individual tubes of each flavor, but we also sell 10 tube variety packs (2 tubes of each flavor), and 10 packs of the Mint and Vanilla flavors.

Buy MI Paste and MI Paste Plus while supplies last at Mountainside Medical Equipment or speak with one of our knowledgeable customer service team members for more information at 1-888-687-4334 today!


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