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    Fast Freeze Cold Sleeve

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    Our Price $19.00

    List Price $28.95

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    • Stock Number: RDC10260107
    • Weight: 2.0000lbs
    • Brand: Bell-Horn
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    Fast Freeze Cold Sleeve on Knee

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    • Fast Freeze Cold Sleeve on Knee
    • Fast Freeze Cold Sleeve on Wrist
    • Fast Freeze Cold Sleeve

    Quick Overview

    Fast Freeze Cold Sleeve provides effective cold therapy to the body part. Works great on arthritis and carpal tunnel, as well as plantar fasciitis.


    The Fast Freeze Cold Sleeve is a reusable cold compress sleeve with 360 degrees of cold therapy coverage. Made with a unique roll-on designed that evenly rolls on arms, legs, ankles and hands. Made with a non-toxic gel that’s won't freeze. Ideal for arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, surgery recovery, joint tension, plantar fasciitis, sprains and tennis elbow.


    1. 360 degrees of cold therapy
    2. Targets pain relief
    3. Compression sleeve
    4. Continuous cold therapy
    5. Rolls-on over arms, legs and ankles
    6. No straps, always stays in place


    1. Extra small - up to 6"
    2. Small - 5 - 10"
    3. Medium - 10 - 15"
    4. Large - 15 - 21"
    5. Extra large - 21 - 28"

    Instructions for use:

    Refrigerate or freeze for two or more hours. Gently knead to soften before to use. Always place insulating compression sleeve or equivalent over limb or treatment area. Gently roll the sleeve over the limb to the desired position. Remove pack after 20 minutes or if area becomes uncomfortable. Wait 20 minutes before putting Fast Freeze Cold Sleeve on for second treatment.

    Storage and Handling:

    Freezer storage in Resealable bag is recommended. To store and protect cold therapy sleeve out of the freezer for an extended period of time (more than a day) place in a Resealable style bag and remove any air before sealing bag shut. Return to freezer as soon as possible.

    Safety information:

    Individuals with known or suspected circulatory problems should not use Fast Freeze Cold Therapy Sleeve unless under the direct supervision of your doctor. Always use insulating sleeve, never place cold sleeve in direct contact with skin. Do not exceed 20 minutes for cold application. Wait 20 minutes prior to second application. Ensure cold sleeve is sized correctly and does not fit too tightly. Two fingers should easily slide between cold pack and treatment area. Inspect cold pack for leaks prior to use. Discard if any are found. Keep out of the reach of children. Cold sleeve is not a toy. Cold sleeve is for external use only. If gel does come in contact with skin: Thoroughly flush area with soap and water.

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    SKU RDC10260107
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    Manufacturer Bell-Horn
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