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Normal Saline Solution for Irrigation 100 ml


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100ml sodium chloride bottle used to moisten wound dressings and irrigate for flush tubings. Not for injection. Normal Saline Solution for Irrigation USP 100 ml is a sterile sodium chloride 0.9% used as a topical solution. Irrigation solutions like Normal Saline for Irrigation are design to only be used externally and should never be used for injection.

  1. Easy to pour container
  2. Small amount container to eliminate waste
  3. No antimicrobial or other substances added
  4. Made in USA

Nurse Assist Incorporated is formally Welcon.

Note - USP Solutions are certified to meet or exceed the strict standards listed in the United States Pharmacoepia (USP) monograph.


What is Normal Saline? medical solution that mainly consists of sterile salt water. Sodium Chloride (Nacl).

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