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Beano to Go Gas Relief Supplement 12/Tablets


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Beano to Go is a natural gas relieving supplement that helps stop bloating and stomach pain that comes along with passing gas. Beano contains a natural food enzyme that breaks down complex carbs found in many foods and makes it easier for your body to digest them without the risk of producing gas.


  1. -  300 GALU Alpha-Galactosidase
  2. -  Naturally stops gas
  3. -  Used with before any meal
  4. -  Two options for consumption


  1. -  You can eat healthy and not produce gas
  2. -  Promotes a better digestive process
  3. -  Portable bottle for on the go relief
  4. -  It’s not limited to the foods you eat
  5. -  Two options for consumption
  6. -  Can be chewed or taken with water

Ideal Uses:

  1. -  Right before a meal
  2. -  Before eating vegetables or beans
  3. -  Before consuming whole grains


Instructions for use:

 Take two pills right before a meal to relieve your body from producing gas. 

Stop your annoying gas passing phase after dinner and purchase a bottle of Beano to Go gas relieving dietary supplement today. Pick up the phone and dial 1-888-687-4334 to speak with one of our friendly customer service reps today. 

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