Bionix ShotBlocker


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The Bionix ShotBlocker  is a unique tool designed to alleviate a patient's stress and anxiety due to painful needle pokes. Use the Shotblocker to press multiple contact points to the skin at the injection site to detract from the painful poke associated with the injection.

Bionix ShotBlocker Features:

  1. Distracts and comforts patients receiving injections
  2. For intramuscular or subcutaneous injections
  3. Reduces needle pain
  4. Reduces needle anxiety
  5. Great for all ages

Bionix ShockBlocker is an excellent tool for family practice offices, pediatrician offices, blood draw clinics and virtually any medical establishment that performs injection. Great for pediatric patients, the ShockBlocker can not only make the injection process faster, but it will also provide relief to an otherwise stressed patient.

Brand: Bionix 

Item Number: 8050

Utilization of the concepts based on the Gate Control Theory of Pain Management helps reduce the amount of pain patients experience while receiving injections and/or shots. The Gate Control Theory of Pain Management was developed in the 1960s by Ronald Melzack and Patrick Wall. According to the Gate Control Theory, certain techniques can be used to ‘trick’ the body into ignoring or forgetting about pain. Using certain techniques to inflict sensations other than pain can provide pain relief by confusing the body’s nervous system so much that the body is distracted from the pain signal and the body forgets to send the pain signals on to the brain.

With the help of the body’s own nervous system, the Bionix ShotBlocker effectively implements Gate Control Theory concepts to reduce the amount of pain that is experienced by patients while they are receiving shots or injections.

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