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100 Silver Nitrate Sticks (Caustic Pencils)


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Silver nitrate sticks are designed to chemically remove canker sores, skin growths and unwanted skin tissue in seconds. These caustic pencils are a rigid wooden applicator stick with silver nitrate 75% and potassium nitrate 25% used in cauterizing wounds. By moistening the tip with sterile water will activate the silver nitrate ingredient. The tissue can then be chemically burnt away.

Silver nitrate sticks are also used to stop bleeding and for hemostasis, to remove unwanted tissue like, warts, corns, skin tags and granulation tissue. Each applicator stick is made with a 6” ridged wooden stick that has one tip dipped in 75% silver nitrate and 25% potassium nitrate. The tips are soluble in all secretions and feature controllable tip strength. 100 silver nitrate applicators per package. Silver nitrate sticks are used by healthcare professionals and veterinarians to help remove unwanted tissue, cauterize wounds and remove unwanted skin, and nails.
Silver Nitrate Sticks is a caustic compound, the improper use of which may cause chemical burns. Silver Nitrate mixes with body fluids; this mixture is caustic and tissue damage may result if not removed quickly. Contact of silver Nitrate applicators on neonates (as in use on the umbilicus) and on thin delicate skin should be extremely short in duration. Chemical formula: AgNO

Purpose: Astringent, cauterization of wounds, germicidal, removal of unwanted skin tissue, corns and warts.
Dosage: Children and Adults: Sticks: Apply to mucous membranes and other moist skin surfaces only on area to be treated.
Avaliable sizes: (6", 12" and 18") lengths
Silver Nitrate Sticks are commonly used in healthcare facilities to help remove tissue, and to cauterize areas such as nose bleeds or post bioptic cervical nicks. These silver nitrate applicators are unique because they can be molded to suit your patient’s individual need without the worry of splinters. They are hygienic, have a lengthy 2 year shelf life, and are easy to use.
What are warts?
Warts are small harmless tumors of the skin caused by a virus. Most are well-defined. Warts are categorized by location and appearance.
Types of Warts and locations on the body commonly found:
Common (verruca vulgaris)

  • Rough, elevated, rounded surface
  • Appears most commonly on limbs, particularly hands and fingers
  • Most prevalent in children and young adults


  • Single, thin, threadlike projection
  • Commonly occurs around the face and neck


  • Rough, irregularly shaped, elevated surface
  • Occurs around edges of fingernails and toenails
  • When severe, may extend under the nail and lift it off the nail bed, causing pain

Flat (juvenile)

  • Multiple groupings of to several hundred slightly raised lesions with smooth, flat, or slightly rounded tops
  • Common on the face, neck, chest, knees, dorsa of hands, wrists, and flexor surfaces of the forearms
  • Usually in children but can affect adults
  • Distribution usually linear because spreading possible from scratching or shaving


  • Slightly elevated or flat
  • Occur singly or in large custers (mosaic warts), primarily at pressure points of the feet


  • Fingerlike, horny projection arising from a pea-shaped base
  • On scalp or near hairline

Condyloma acuminatum (moist wart)

  • Usually small, pink to red, moist, and soft
  • Single or in large cauliflower-like clusters on the penis, scrotum, vulva, or anus
  • May be transmitted through sexual contact; not always venereal in origin

Complications with removal: Scarring, Recurrence of wart and formation of keloid
Other treatment options:

  • General: Cryotherapy
  • Surgery: Electrodesiccation and curettage (removing warts by electrosurgery)
  • Carbon dioxide laser therapy

When you need a silver nitrate applicator to take care of a wound, Grafco by Graham Field applicator tips are the product of choice. Not only do they come in convenient packaging that make them easy to store, find and use, but they also are soluble in all solutions so the strength can be adjusted to your liking. Simply dip the applicator tip into sterile water until you have reached the silver nitrate strength you need. Also, each tip features a sturdy wooden applicator for easy, accurate use.

Warnings: KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN. Ingredients are poisonous and may be fatal when ingested in sufficient doses. Only use on treated area. Avoid all contact with eyes. Eye contact, hold eyes open and immediately flush thoroughly with water for at least 15 minutes and consult a physician.
When using always wear protective gloves and never use around eyes. If eye is exposed, First: wash out eye with warm water for at least 15 minutes and then call your physician or go to the nearest emergency room. The active Ingredients are poisonous and may be fatal when ingested in sufficient doses. The symptoms include toxic gastroenteritis.  Always use disposable nitrile gloves when handling silver nitrate and potassium nitrate.

Silver Nitrate Sticks MSDS Sheets


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