48 Inratio 2 PT/INR Monitoring System Test Strips, 48/box


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Inratio 2 PT/INR Monitoring System Test Strips coagulation testing strip used to check the blood for clotting. Made with a unique 3-channel technology that performs a Prothrombin time (PT) test and two quality control tests simultaneously. Each test strip is individually wrapped in a protective foil package to protect the strip for heat, light exposure and humidity.

Inratio2 Test Strips Features

  • Uses small sample size (15µL)
  • Less blood needed
  • 3 Channel technology
  • Individually wrapped
  • Clear laminated layer's
  • No extra control strips needed
  • No Refrigeration required

Note: Inratio2 test strips can be stored at room temperature and there is no refrigeration required. 

Prothrombin Time Test

Coagulation disorders can be particularly detrimental if not monitored, spurring the need for the Prothrombin Time Test. This method of coagulation testing measures the tendency of blood clotting in an individual. In order for physicians to monitor anticoagulant dosages and effects, tests like the Inratio 2 have been designed to test the likelihood of the blood to clot.

The Inratio 2 Prothrombin Time Test is a disposable kit comprised of three testing channels and utilizes a small amount of blood to determine clotting tendency. Two of the channels are used for control to help ensure accuracy while the third is used for the patients’ blood sample. A well channels the patient blood sample into the testing are where a series of electrodes measure response providing a clear result. Inratio 2 tests strips are used by physicians and are currently not available for home use.

Prothrombin Time Tests can signal disorders of liver function, vitamin k deficiencies, and the effect of anticoagulants. The results of blood clot tests allow physicians to effectively assess, treat, and monitor increased and decreased clotting function. Disposable strips like the Inratio 2 provide a more cost effective and efficient method of performing Prothrombin time tests. Though this is not a standalone method for determining overall coagulant function, this simple test does provide a rapid and accurate response without the need for expensive equipment and laboratory use.

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