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Salter Labs High Flow Bubble Humidifier Bottle 6 to 15 LPM with 6 PSI


$ 3.72 $ 5.95

Salter labs High Flow Humidifier Bottle is a oxygen mist water bottle that works with high capacity output oxygen concentrators and devices. High flow oxygen delivery rate of 0 to 15 LPM. Salter Labs High flow humidifier bottle is made to be used with high capacity output oxygen concentrators and wall outlet gas systems to achieve high oxygen saturation levels. 100% Latex Free.

High Flow Humidifier Bottle Benefits

  • - High capacity output
  • - 0 to 15 lpm capacity
  • - 350 cc volume
  • - Turns dry air into moist air
  • - Alerting pressure relief alarm
  • - Quiet operation

Oxygen Humidifier Bottles are used by a person that is required to receive respiratory oxygen therapy. Humidifier Bottles turn dry oxygen into moist, soothing oxygen that reduces nasal irritation.

The High Flow Humidifier Bottle should used in conjunction with the High Flow Nasal Cannula to reach the proper humidification levels.


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