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Wound Measuring Guide Bullseye Target 250/Bag


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Trademark Wound Measuring Guides is a clear plastic sheet used to measure the circumference of pressure related wound sores. This measuring guide can be used on skin lesions, pressure sores, stoma, wounds and incisions to determine lengths, widths and diameters to help facilities comply with federal guidelines for monitoring pressure sores. The Wound Measuring guide designed for single use and eliminates the risk of cross contamination caused by using the same measuring device on more than one wound or more than one patient resident. This lightweight, translucent plastic sheet can be placed on top of the affected area with no discomfort and disposed of according your facilities infection control policies.

Wound measurements are made in centimeters by recording the greatest length and width perpendicular to each other to each other. There are several methods that may be used; however, only two methods will be discussed for the purposes if this guide. The healthcare organization may choose to designate that length is always measured using the patient's head as the starting point (or from the 12 o'clock to the 6 o'clock position), with width being side to side (or from the 3 o'clock to the 9 o'clock position); or alternatively the greatest length and width may be measured. Wound sizes should not be compared to coins, such as nickels, dimes, or quarters.

Wound Measuring Guides Features:

    • Measures the circumference of pressure related sores
    • single use
    • Eliminates the risk of cross contamination
    • Dimensions: 3 3/4" x 5 1/2"
    • Count: 250 measuring sheets per bag
    • Brand: Trademark Medical
    • Product number: B250

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