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    Safetec EZ Spill Blood and Body Fluid Clean Up Kit

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    Safetec EZ Spill Blood and Body Fluid Clean Up Kit

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    • Safetec EZ Spill Blood and Body Fluid Clean Up Kit
    • Safetec EZ Spill Blood and Body Fluid Clean Up Kit

    Quick Overview

    Clean and contain hazardous fluids safely. Blood, saliva and urine.


    Safetec EZ Cleans Plus Body Fluid clean up kit easily cleans blood or body fluid spills. The Red Z Soildifier (inside the kit) is ideal for use on potentially infectious spilled body fluids such as blood, urine, vomit, and feces. This Spill Clean Up kit meets the National Standard for quick, easy clean-up of body fluids.


    Cleaning Blood and Body Fluids

    Cleaning up blood and body fluid is not a fun job to do, but it needs to be done. Having the correct supplies is crucial. Cleaning up blood, urine, vomit and salvia can be hazardous and dangerous. The Safetec EZ-Cleans Plus clean up kit can clean-up any body fluid spill quickly and easily.


    The Complete Clean Up Kit includes

    1. Red Z Solidifier
    2. Clean-up Scoop and Scraper
    3. Pair of Vinyl Gloves
    4. P.A.W.S Antimicrobial Wipes
    5. Disinfectant and Towel
    6. Red Biohazard Waste Bag
    7. Twist Tie


    Does this blood spill kit have hazardous chemicals? 

    No, The only component in this kit is Red-Z fluid solidifier and it contains Sodium dichloro isocyanurate made in a non-toxic matrix. 

    Can this blood spill kit be used on animal’s blood? 

    Yes, This spill kit is designed for any type of blood, urine, vomit, and feces.

    What kind of gloves come with this spill kit?

    The gloves are a lightly powdered exam vinyl glove with a size large.

    Can I get other size gloves or different components in this kit?

     No, This kit is mass produced any all the components are make 6 months in advance.

    Are the directions in other languages?

    Yes, There are in English and Spanish.

    Is there an expiration date on the kit?

    No, There are not any components in the kit that will spoil or go bad.

    Additional Information

    SKU Safetec-17121
    Manufacturer Safetec
    Product Information Safetec Bio Hazard Body Fluid Spill Kit information

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    • Has everything

      This has everything in it I needed to clean up a blood spill. Hand wipes, gloves, everything!

      Posted on 7/30/13    By Peter Burke


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