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    Coloplast Baza Antifungal Cream 5 oz



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    Sween Baza Antifungal Cream 5 oz

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    • Sween Baza Antifungal Cream 5 oz
    • Sween Baza Antifungal Cream 5 oz
    • Sween Baza Antifungal Cream 5 oz

    Quick Overview

    A topical antifungal cream that treats, relieves and cures fungal infections on the skin.


    Find the best price to buy baza antifungal cream to treat, relieve and quickly cure fungal infections on the skin. Formulated with 2% miconazole nitrate that has been proven effective for healing superficial fungal skin infection and skin irritation. The other inactive ingredient in baza antifungal is zinc oxide. Zinc oxide conditions the skin and acts as a moisture barrier while the miconazole nitrate prevents the growth of the fungus.

    Baza antifungal cream's primary purpose is to treat candidiasis (yeast or monilia), jock itch, ringworm and athlete's foot. Baza cream provides a soothing skin barrier against moisture and incontinence. Prior to Appling the cream, Clean and thoroughly dry the area to be treated. Apply baza cream to the affected skin, usually twice a day or as directed by your doctor. Dosage and length of treatment depends on the type of infection being treated. Do not apply this more often than prescribed. 

    1. + Miconazole nitrate 2%
    2. + Moisture barrier
    3. + Contains skin conditioners
    4. + CHG compatible
    5. + 5 oz tube

    Additional Information

    SKU 1607
    Manufacturer Coloplast Corporation
    MSDS Baza Antifungal Cream MSDS
    upc 311701045147

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    • Caregiver for Bedridden Mother

      My mother is 76 years old and she had a stroke a few years back and she has to wear a diaper 24/7 and she receives fungal skin rashes on periodically and we use Baza Antifungal cream to clear them up. This stuff works fast and soothes her skin. Thank You

      Posted on 8/27/13    By Holly Winters

    • Nursing Home Worker

      I work at a local Nursing Home on an Advanced Care unit where the residents need a little extra care. On this unit my staff and I use Baza Antifungal Cream on a daily basis to treat the residents for different types of fungal infections and we love it, we wouldn't waste our valuable time with anything else. We feel Baza Antifungal Cream is the best antifungal medication for the residents that we care for and love.

      Posted on 8/16/13    By Janet