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10 Surprising Uses For Mouthwash

10 Surprising Uses For Mouthwash

Everyone knows that mouthwash gives you a fresh and clean feeling, and is an essential part of your oral healthcare routine. However, did you know it has many interesting uses aside from cleansing your mouth?

The active ingredients in mouthwash are eucalyptol, menthol, methyl salicylate, and thymol - all of which have a function that goes further than just protecting your mouth against plaque, gingivitis, and other oral diseases! Continue reading below to find out the many other surprising uses for mouthwash!


1. Deodorant

Yes, it's true! You can freshen up in a hurry with Listerine! Simply take a cotton ball, soak it in Listerine, and then dab it under your arms. While this does not, nor should replace a shower, it can come in handy for when you're at the gym and you need to freshen up after a workout. The reason is that mouthwash eliminates odor and kills the bacteria that causes the odor.   

2. Dandruff

Did you know that Listerine is actually a popular treatment for dandruff? According to Hair Sentinel, the four active ingredients in Listerine have antiseptic and anti-fungal properties that can help eliminate itching, and those white flakes of skin!

3. Lice

According to Healthy and Natural World, Listerine is also a safe and effective treatment against head lice. They recommend soaking your head in Listerine, and then gathering the hair in a shower cap. Let the Listerine soak in for at least an hour, and then rinse hair with water. After the hour, wash the hair with mild shampoo, and use a lice comb to remove any remaining lice and their eggs.

4. Bug Repellant

Instead of using harsh chemicals to repel bugs, you can create a safe mosquito repellant simply by pouring a minty mouthwash into a spray bottle. Spritz it on for bug free activity outdoors! Of course, you may need to reapply this more frequently than the traditional bug repellants, and it is also advised not to use whitening mouthwashes, as they may whiten the clothes.

5. Ant Eliminator

Ants are annoying, aren't they? Say goodbye to those pesky bugs by mixing mouthwash, hydrogen peroxide, and dish soap together in equal parts. Spray it on ant infested areas and live it to soak for up to 15 minutes. Then, wipe up the remaining spray along with any ants. The best part? This mixture is safe for use in homes with children and pets.

6. Acne

Listerine can also be used as an astringent to treat acne prone skin. The combination of alcohol and antiseptic properties in Listerine will dry out acne and blackheads overnight.  

7.  Reduce Coughing

Modern Mechanix say that medical tests have proved that gargling Listerine twice daily reduced the frequency and severity of coughs and colds. Rinsing with an antiseptic mouthwash can prevent bacteria from infecting the respiratory system.

8. Blisters

The antiseptic properties of Listerine make it a mighty and powerful force against blisters. Take a cotton ball or swab and dab it gently in Listerine, then dab it onto the blister. Repeat three times a day, or until the blister heals.

 9. Safely Disinfect Clothing

Instead of using bleach or other harsh chemicals in the laundry, Listerine can safely disinfect your clothes naturally. Use 1 cup of mouthwash in a load of dirty clothes to eliminate harmful bacteria from the clothing. 

10. Itch Reliever

The cooling sensation of an antiseptic mouthwash can provide relief from the itch associated with bug bites and rashes. The alcohol in the mouthwash may even help heal the rash by drying it out. To apply, use a cotton ball to dab it on the affected area as needed. 

*Bonus: Mouthwash can also be used to help clean the toilet, keep flowers looking fresh, clean your toothbrush, and even help with toenail fungus! 

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