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5 Products to Help You on Your Fitness Journey

5 Products to Help You on Your Fitness Journey

We're already over halfway through with January, and many people are just getting their fitness goals for 2020 underway. Staying on track with your fitness journey can be difficult: there's so much to learn about what exercise routines and dietary choices work best for you. With that in mind, we've created a list of some of our favorite products to help you on your fitness journey, so read on!


1. Ehko FIT-19 Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Water Resistant FiT-19 Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Fitness experts have long advocated heart rate monitoring during exercise. Finding the right heart range, one that's high enough to give you the full benefit of your workout but not so high that you're straining yourself, is important for achieving your fitness goals and exercising the right way. Ehko's FIT-19 Heart Rate Monitor Watch is a great tool for your fitness regimen whether you're regularly active or just starting out. Comfortable and water-resistant, it interfaces with heart rate interactive electronic equipment for a more complete picture of your workout. It features multiple heart rate functions, including monitoring both current and average heart rate as well as target range, and even includes an out-of-zone alarm so you can scale back or intensify your workout as needed.

2. ArmaSport Body-10 Exercise Mat

ArmaSport Body-10 Exercise Mat

Finding the right workout routine for you can be tough. One of the best ways to start is owning an exercise mat. For those in need of low-impact workouts or workouts that fit into a stacked daily schedule, a portable exercise mat like ArmaSport's Body-10 Exercise Mat is a great option to get the aerobic workout that fits your body's needs and capabilities as well as your free time and living space. Streaming channels and apps are full of great workout programming for all activity levels, so fitting exercise into your life has never been easier. One of the best things you can do for your heart is stay active, and the Body-10 Exercise Mat will ensure that you can no matter where you are.

3. Centrum MultiGummies Vitamins with Omega-3 Fish Oil

Centrum MultiGummies Vitamins with Omega-3 Fish Oil

Whether your goals are weight loss, muscle gain, or improved cardio, a fitness-oriented diet isn't just about cutting unhealthy foods. It's about getting enough of the nutrients that will help fuel your exercise and your body's proper functioning. Vitamin supplements are a great way to help get all the nutrients you need during your day. Centrum MultiGummies Vitamins with Omega-3 Fish Oil contain 11 different nutrients and minerals essential to your fitness goals. Among them are:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids aren't naturally produced by the body, but are necessities for improving circulation and heart health.
  • Vitamin B12 helps form red blood cells, converts food into energy, and improves nerve function, allowing better communication between the brain and muscles.
  • Zinc produces testosterone that promotes muscle growth, as well as aids in recovery from exercise.
  • Vitamin C helps the body turn carbohydrates into energy and absorb necessary iron.


4. Mountain Ice Pain Relieving Gel 

Let's be honest: if you're starting your fitness journey, or even if you exercise regularly, you're going to be sore sometimes. When working out is showing . Made by our own founders of Mountainside Medical Equipment, we have taken the active ingredient of menthol and combined powerful all natural plants and extracts to create a unique formula that treats pain instantly! The combination of the all natural ingredients creates the perfect treatment for relieving pain, reducing inflammation, improving circulation, and promoting better muscle and joint healing. Mountain Ice is not only effective for treating pain and sore muscles, but also healthy and hydrating for your skin, making it the perfect pain relief option for runners and all other summer athletes.

To read more about the ingredients in Mountain Ice, click here!


5. Jack Frost Hot and Cold Reusable Gel Pack

Jack Frost Hot and Cold Reusable Gel Pack 6 x 9

You may have seen our guide on when to use heat and when to use cold to heal injuries and reduce pain. Sometimes it takes some guesswork! But both hot and cold therapies are easy to practice on your own and as needed, and the right supplies make that even simpler. The Jack Frost Hot and Cold Reusable Gel Pack can be frozen or heated for both therapies, and is made of a flexible, soft-freeze technology that molds to an injured area even when cold. If you need a convenient, affordable option to relieve your pain from physical exertion, the Jack Frost Reusable Gel Pack is a necessity.

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