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A Revolutionary New Weapon in the Food Service Industry

What if restaurants and food-handlers everywhere were using an antimicrobial glove that kills bacteria like E. coli on contact?


Do you remember a few years ago when spinach was contaminated with E. coli causing people everywhere to get sick? ...and then it happened with tomatoes?...and then again with lettuce? There has been widespread sickness, and even death, due to contaminated produce over the years – how can this be prevented? It's not as though this microscopic bacteria can be seen and easily be avoided.

Today, this technology is at your fingertips – literally! Omni International, LLC has developed a type of antimicrobial food service glove that not only kills bacteria like MRSA, salmonella, and E. coli, as well as certain types of fungi on contact, but it does so continuously. This means that if these gloves touch a piece of salmonella-riddled lettuce while the handler makes a burger, the bacteria is killed instantly and the food service employee not only makes that burger safer for ingestion, but also ensures that they won't spread the disease onto the next burger they prepare with the same gloves. It is the revolutionary new weapon in the food service industry that everyone is talking about.

The contamination of produce can happen anywhere between picking process and your local grocery store, to the plate in front of you at your favorite restaurant. The source of contamination can be difficult to pinpoint exactly, which makes these gloves such an incredible resource for food handlers. In order to kill bacteria like E.coli, simply washing the vegetable isn't enough – it would have to be cooked. I'm sure that cooked veggies on a burger or salad, for example, would be delicious, but that is not typically done and therein lies the risk.

These specialized general-purpose antimicrobial gloves are natural and safe for use on food, and come in lightly powdered (for easier application) and powder free. Available in sizes Small – Extra large for a comfortable fit, they are all made with a vinyl, latex free material (for the safety of those with latex allergies) that is also DOP and DEHP free for the safety of all involved. Utilizing a bacteria-killing glove such as this is not only cost-effective for your facility, but also helps to greatly reduce the risk that you are a contributor in cross contamination and the spread of disease.

Join in the fight against contaminated food! I know that if I owned or worked at a restaurant, I would sleep much easier knowing that I am at a much lower risk of spreading some sort of potentially deadly disease through my menu to my customers.

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