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⛰️ FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $100 OR MORE ⛰️ Toll Free: 1-888-687-4334

Invacare 3 Position Recliners

For over 125 years Invacare has been designing and manufacturing medical equipment providing excellence and ease of use. The 3 position recliner provides a comfortable and safe alternative to traditional seating and enables patients to feel more positive while overcoming health concerns. Invacare provides three styles of 3-position recliners to suit the needs of the individual or facility. All three styles are available in Jade Green, Blue Ridge Navy, and Rosewood Mauve colors and cushioning is made with fire-retardant foam to enhance safety while providing maximum comfort and durability. Basic and adult models allow for up to 250lbs comfortably. Locking casters at the base allow for increased maneuverability and can be securely locked to prevent accidental movement.

Basic         While the basic 3 position recliner is sufficient to exceed expectations and support, the deluxe adult model comes complete with lumbar support. Additionally, an articulating headrest and contoured back provide the patient with the ultimate in relaxation and comfort while still providing excellent support.

Adult         To accommodate patients requiring enhanced support, Invacare has developed a 3 position recliner that will provide support for up to 400lbs. This wider and more supportive design helps to provide the same comfort and durability to patients requiring a bit more room.

Wide         All three models of Invacare’s 3 position recliners also have an available blow-molded plastic table that can slide on or off the chair and be locked into place in 5 different positions. Patients will enjoy the support, comfort, and functionality of a 3 position recliner.

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