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Physicians Advocate Flu Shots

Physicians Advocate Flu Shots

 Though flu season has begun, and reports indicate it could  be one of the worst, it's not too late to receive your  vaccination. Physicians and pharmacists are urging the  public to get the flu shot. Many avoid vaccination due to  fears of contracting the flu or the pain of injection, but  doctors quell these concerns. Recent interviews indicate that all individuals over the age of 6 months should receive the vaccine.

Many avoid receiving vaccination for the flu based on fears that they will contract the virus from the shot, physicians indicate this is not so. It is true that the vaccine contains two strains of flu, the seasonal flu, and H1N1 influenza. However, these viruses are killed as part of the vaccine creation process so that they pose no physical threat. Sometimes, there is a mild immune response either to the injection site, or the body as a whole, but this is negligible compared to overall health, and certainly worthwhile if it prevents one from contracting either seasonal or H1N1 flu viruses.

Another common reason for avoidance of the flu vaccine is the pain of injection. Most individuals shy away from shots, though, flu shots are very quick and performed with small needles reducing the pain from injection. Flu vaccines have even been made available through an inhalant in order to encourage participation. After all, short lived discomfort is worth avoiding a full case of infection from the flu virus.

Physicians advocate flu shots, but it is the responsibility of the individual to make the choice to receive it. Help yourself, your loved ones, and your community by receiving a vaccination for the flu. It has been suggested that this year may be one of the most widespread and dangerous years for influenza. If avoiding the flu is not enough encouragement to get the vaccine, consider your friends, family, and community.

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