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Baxter Acquiring Synovis Life Technologies

Reports are abound regarding international medical supply manufacturer Baxter acquiring Synovis Life Technologies. Just one month after completing a prior acquisition, Baxa, Baxter International Inc again plans to expand their capabilities and product offerings. It is clear that despite challenged financial reports Baxter is committed to growth.

In November, Baxter Inc completed the integration of Baxa to enhance their nutritional delivery systems. This arrangement was designed to augment an already expansive line of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology products. Baxter acquiring Synovis Life Technologies would mean significant advancement in the way of surgical products for soft tissue repair.

Synovis Life Technologies specializes in instrumentation for procedures including treating obesity, vascular, and brain surgery. It is expected that the Synovis line of microsurgery products will complement Baxter Inc's line of BioSurgery products. Already approved by the board of directors, both companies await shareholder support of Baxter acquiring Synovis Life Technologies.

Since the 1930's Baxter International Inc has been a leading manufacturer of medical supplies and devices and has continued to expand their offerings to meet an ever growing health care marketplace. If completed, the treatment of trauma, chronic, and acute medical conditions should show significant benefit from Baxter acquiring Synovis Life Technologies.

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