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HCG: Sensational or Sensationalized?

Posted on December 19 2011

Since the introduction of HCG to the diet world in the 1950's, proponents have been working to find support for its value, and opponents have sought to destroy any credibility. Yet, the question remains:  is HCG a sensational product that can help the obese shed extra weight? The FDA has made numerous statements indicating that the use of HCG for weight loss is indeed not approved and not founded, but much like its opposition, has yet to substantiate its claims.

HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, is a hormone released during pregnancy that is suggested to help boost metabolism and deplete fat stores. Used in conjunction with an extremely low calorie diet (about 500 per day), it is believed that this chemical will stimulate weight loss even without exercise. But, has HCG been sensationalized?

The FDA has long guided and regulated products related to health and well being, including HCG products. There is currently no data supporting the use of HCG for weight loss, but the FDA has reported that the chemical is likely to cause excessive and dangerous clotting, and the paired 500 calorie diet can negatively affect health. However, since the FDA is requesting persons with negative side effects to come forward, it appears there is not enough data to support these allegations either.

The use of HCG has been largely encouraged by word of mouth in gyms, weight loss groups, some healthcare providers, and homeopathic circles. The HCG sensation has gripped the nation again, and presumably, many have experienced positive results. Questions abound as to whether the hormone or the low calorie diet made the difference, and if the change will last.

It appears that for the time being there is only one way to know for sure - make your own decision.


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