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The Benefits of Calcium with Vitamin D

Documentation from research published by the Annals of Internal Medicine spotlight the benefits of Calcium with Vitamin D for overall health. Benefits of this pairing are suggested to affect skin and bone health, cardiovascular functioning, and even lower cancer risk. According to recent research, Vitamin D levels are decreasing among the general population but supplementation is more effective in conjunction with Calcium.

Recent studies indicate that the average level of Vitamin D is lower than in previous years and many link this to skin care products and other factors limiting exposure to the sun's UV rays. Inpatient and outpatient studies of the reintroduction of Vitamin D alone indicate that there is a negligible affect on various health issues. However, this same research also touts the benefits of Calcium with Vitamin D which apparently increases the likelihood of uptake and resultant positive effects.

It is still unclear to health care professionals what the ideal dosage is for each patient, but the benefits of Calcium with Vitamin D continue to gain support. Ongoing studies will assess the introduction of these supplements together and what the combination can achieve if the perfect ratio is isolated.

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