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Biofreeze Pain Relief FAQ

Posted on January 11 2012


What is Biofreeze Pain Reliever for?


Biofreeze is designed to provide the user with temporary relief from minor aches and pains including backache, arthritis, strains, and bruises. Applying Biofreeze to the affected area up to four times a day helps to alleviate both acute and nagging pains.

How does cryotherapy work?








Cryotherapy, the concept implemented by the use of Biofreeze Pain Relief products, is the application of cold to relieve pain. The menthol contained in Biofreeze products creates a sensation that overrides pain signals delivered by the nerves to the brain.

Is Biofreeze Pain relief Gel safe?

Yes. Biofreeze products are FDA approved over-the-counter medications for the temporary relief of pain. The primary active ingredient, Menthol, is commonly found in a number of household products. Biofreeze contains no animal products, gluten, or other potentially controversial ingredients.

Should Biofreeze Pain Relief products be used on burns, bites, and wounds?

No. Biofreeze products are not intended for use on any open skin conditions and application in these areas should be discouraged. Usage guidelines indicate that Biofreeze is a topical pain relief product and is not intended to heal or cure any medical conditions.

What if Biofreeze is ingested or comes into contact with eyes or damaged skin?

As Biofreeze pain relief products are designed for topical use, any internal contact areas should be flushed and monitored for irritation. If ingested, consume multiple glasses of water, and it may be advisable to contact a poison control center depending on the severity of consumption or resultant effects.

Does Biofreeze Pain Relief really work?

Yes. Biofreeze products are FDA approved, clinically tested, and commonly known to produce significant pain relieving effects for patients and are supported by many medical professionals. Studies are available for your review at www.therabandacademy.com.

Biofreeze Pain Relief products have successfully relieved pain for sufferers since 1991 and continues to be chosen by patients and medical professionals alike. Mountainside Medical Equipment happily offers Biofreeze Pain Relief Gel to provide comfort and relief from your aches and pains. We invite you to shop online or contact one of our friendly customer service team members today at 1-888-687-4334 for further assistance.


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