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Elevated Toilet Seat

Posted on January 18 2012

Benefit from the comfort, stability, and convenience of an elevated toilet seat. Designed to provide additional height and support, raised seats make seating and rising from the toilet safer and less strenuous. There are a variety of elevated toilet seat designs available with locks and even support arms. Bathroom safety is high priority for individuals that are aging or ill and may have difficulty navigating the home but still want to maintain as much independence as possible. An elevated toilet seat can provide the necessary addition in height to reduce the stress on arms, legs, and back while sitting on or rising from the toilet. Installation of an elevated toilet seat is simple and within seconds one is able to experience the benefits of enhanced bathroom safety. Many seats are designed with support arms and locking mechanisms designed to provide a layer of stability and support. Combined with an ergonomic design, an elevated toilet seat sits securely and provides the ease of use and support you need. Mountainside Medical supplies a wide array of elevated toilet seat styles featuring locks, arms, and even padding. Take an opportunity to browse our online catalog, or contact a home safety specialist today for assistance by calling 1-888-687-4334.


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