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Silver Sulfadiazine for Pets

 Veterinarians often prescribe the use of silver sulfadiazine cream for pets with 2nd and 3rd degree burns to facilitate  healing and reduce the chance of infection. Bacteria and  yeast are likely to affect the wound leading to serious  infection and additional health risks for the animal. Silver  sulfadiazine is not a cure for all conditions and the veterinarian should be consulted prior to using this or any other medication on your animal.

Silvadene 1% has been used on cats, dogs, and horses to help aid the healing of burns and prevent infection. Application includes the topical use of the cream in a 1/16 inch layer over the affected area. Side effects such as skin irritation can occur in some cases, particularly in conjunction with other medications so care should be taken to inspect the affected area throughout the healing process. Additionally, as this is a topical ointment, care should be exercised to avoid contact with the eyes and mouth. It is not recommended to use silver sulfadiazine for pets if they are allergic, pregnant, or nursing.

Always make sure to consult a veterinary specialist before using silver sulfadiazine for pets. If suggested, cream should be applied once or twice daily to the affected area. If any side effects are noticed such as skin irritation, bruising, bleeding, or any other noticeable change, discontinue use immediately and consult your veterinarian.

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Beverly - October 29, 2019

My cat has an open wound on his neck. Caused by a bite. Can I use the silver sulfadiiazine 1% on this wound

Mountainside Medical Equipment - March 20, 2019

Hi Karen! Thanks so much for your question! I honestly would recommend asking your veterinarian in regards to using the cream on your ferret, just to be sure it’s okay!

Karen. Brasher - March 20, 2019

Can I use it on a ferret that has burn on feet.

Jill - June 11, 2018

Can I use silver sulfadiazimes in a syringe for internal use for my corn snake. She has a bacterial infection, and her outside is very crusty. I’ve been using SS external, and see no improvement.

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