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Using the Answer Pregnancy Test

Posted on January 25 2012

Accurate and timely results are the focus for women using the Answer Pregnancy Test and can be achieved as early as 3 days before the first missed period. Common questions include test steps, as well as using the urine dipstick, interpreting results, and unclear test results. It is our hope that this post helps to clarify any questions and simplify the process of using the Answer Pregnancy Test in your home.

Using the Answer Pregnancy Test at home involves introducing urine to the testing dipstick. It is suggested to perform tests in the morning as levels of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) are higher at this time and are more likely to provide accurate results. There are two approved methods for saturating the dipstick including placing it directly in the urine stream, or in a small plastic cup (included) for at least five seconds. Caution should be exercised not to contaminate the cup or dipstick during the testing process as this may skew results.

After the dipstick has been exposed to urine, reading the results accurately is the second step to using the Answer Pregnancy Test. The test window clearly displays lines to indicate a successful test. A lack of clearly defined lines indicates that there is likely a problem with the test and a replacement should be used instead. One clear line indicates a negative (not pregnant) result. If two clearly defined lines appear in the window while using the Answer Pregnancy Test, this indicates a positive (pregnant) result.

By using the Answer Pregnancy Test, women can achieve fast, simple, and 97% accurate results within just minutes. Feel free to shop for and compare this and other maternity related products online, or contact an experienced customer service representative today for more assistance.


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