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Heart Disease Facts

February is American Heart Month, and we at Mountainside Medical Equipment invite you to gain more awareness and support for maintaining a healthy and happy cardiovascular system. Enjoy learning a few heart disease facts that can shed some light in the significance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Heart Disease Facts

1.) Heart disease is the primary cause of death for Americans. 2.) 1 in 4 Americans deaths are from heart related illness each year. 3.) Heart health is as important for both men and women. 4.) Nearly 800K Americans experience their first heart attack each year. 5.) Heart disease does not discriminate by race. 6.) Monitoring blood pressure and cholesterol can lessen risk. 7.) Less than 30% of heart attack victims are aware of the warning signs. 8.) Almost half of all fatal heart attacks occur outside the hospital. 9.) 37% of American adults have two or more major risk factors including inactivity, obesity, high blood pressure, smoking, high cholesterol, and diabetes. 10.) Annual health care costs for heart disease exceed $100 Billion.

Based on the above listed heart disease facts, it is clear that the issue is not only significant, but pervasive. Many of the risk factors for heart related illness are controllable by proper diet, exercise, and regular medical care.

Here are a few guidelines to maintaining a healthy heart:

1.) Be Active - inactivity can lead to lower body function, an increase of deposits, obesity, lethargy, stress, and depression. Exercise alone can have a significant positive effect on health and well being. 2.) Eat Clean - for the sake of your body, choose foods that are fresh, healthy, and properly portioned. Sometimes, it helps to combine a proper diet with cleansing routines that are high in fiber or that help to remove toxins from the body. 3.) Live Well - make decisions to reduce stress and toxins from affecting your overall health and wellness. These decisions include limiting behaviors that are harmful to your body.

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