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Medical Contributions from Black History

This February, take some time to reflect back on the contributions made by the Black community to medical science. Ranging from improvements to social, scientific, procedural, or political arenas, Black contributions to medicine have increased quality of life worldwide. Mountainside Medical invites you to commemorate Black History Month by honoring the contributions that have given us the gift of longer, healthier, happier lives.

Just in the last century alone, the Black community has made significant contributions to medical science in the form of testing and diagnostics, devices, treatments, and surgery. Notable individuals for their work on understanding various medical conditions include William Cardozo and Emmett Chappelle who's research led to improved knowledge regarding sickle cell anemia and the detection of urinary tract infections, respectively. Arthritis sufferers can find relief as a result of the work done by Dr. Percy Julian on the use of cortisone on inflammatory diseases. Many of the advances in medical science have been the result of a proud Black History, not the least of which was a successful open heart surgery performed by Dr. Daniel Williams in 1893.

Nearly every person globally has felt the positive effect of a number of medical contributions from Black history. Dating back to the beginnings of man, roots in medicine and society have set the stage for a greater world. This Black History Month, take a moment to appreciate the fine works that have improved our health and way of life.

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