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Hospira Injectable Drugs Thriving


Like many other medication manufacturers, Hospira Inc has been under the FDA microscope as quality processes are being updated around the country. Known for manufacturing intravenous medications, irrigation solutions, and similar products, Hospira has outperformed competitors in compliance and facility updates in order to satisfy the growing demand for higher quality products. Despite facing a challenging fourth quarter in 2011, operations are running near capacity and internal reports indicate that this improvement will only drive future success.

As part of a standard quality assurance program, the FDA has been reviewing companies like Hospira Inc and guiding them along in compliance and updates. During this process, much of the medical industry has been faced with challenges resulting in millions of dollars worth of plant improvements and anything from a slowdown to a halt of manufacture. Some companies have had to stop production altogether until equipment and practices can be updated. Companies like Hospira, despite facing similar challenges, have successfully followed FDA guidelines and have set forth attainable improvement plans to ensure continued success.

Hospira Inc has resumed manufacturing many products including Injectable drugs, irrigation solutions, and dilution agents, such as bacteriostatic water. In addition to updating their own efforts, they are also aiding the FDA to certify additional manufacturers for the production of Methotrexate, a cancer medication primarily for children. Currently, Hospira has resumed the majority of their operations and has plans in place to continue to thrive. Competitors are struggling to keep pace and some have discontinued production completely.

Hospira Inc is a publicly traded company under the symbol (HSP).

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