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Dust Mite Treatment

Microscopic organisms called dust mites have become a significant pest in many urban areas. Though mites do not bite, as traditionally believed, they may trigger moderate to severe allergic reactions. An effective dust mite treatment can help to alleviate this concern and provide relief for allergy sufferers.

Dust Mite Bites

It is largely believed that dust mites bite, and although they do have pincers like many other arachnids, they do not bite humans. More accurately defined, dust mites feed on dead skin cells that have been shed on floors, furniture, mattresses, etc. What is often defined as a reaction to a bite is actually an allergic reaction. Mites excrete pellets as part of their normal digestion that contain a protein known to cause an allergic response in humans. An effective dust mite treatment will target the population to eliminate production leaving the area free to be cleaned thoroughly.

Dust Mite Treatment Options

Two commercially available dust mite treatment products are Pronto Plus and Steri-Fab Disinfectant both of which have been formulated to target bed bugs, fleas, ticks, lice, and mites. Steri-Fab integrates a disinfectant to remove harmful bacteria and neutralize odor as well as killing pests.

Dust Mite Prevention

Reduce the chance that you will need dust mite treatment products by keeping your home clean and dust free. Cleaning difficult to reach areas such as the corners of the couch, under the bed and mattress, and carpeting will help to reduce the appeal to these types of pests. For more information about household pests, effects, and treatment, Mountainside Medical invites you to explore online or get assistance from a courteous customer service representative at 1-888-687-4334 today.

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