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Containing the Norovirus


News reports in recent years have been riddled with outbreaks of the Norovirus, a non-bacterial form of gastroenteritis. Known to be responsible for 50% of all food borne illness outbreaks, the Norovirus spreads rapidly through food, water, and personal contact. Equip your family or facility for containing the Norovirus and stop the epidemic from reaching beyond isolated cases.


The most prevalent symptoms of the Norovirus are gastrointestinal issues such as discomfort, nausea, and diarrhea. Often, these symptoms last anywhere from 48-72 hours before the individual feels healthy again. Though self-limiting, severe reaction is possible resulting in a weakened immune system and dehydration. Typically, sufferers can benefit from the use of anti-diarrheal medication and rehydration supplements.


The Norovirus occurs frequently as a result of contamination of food and water contaminated by feces, or through direct contact with an infected person. Though easily arrested by heating or chlorine-based disinfectants, the virus shows resistance to alcohol and detergent based cleansers. Food or water containing the Norovirus must be heated over 140 degrees Fahrenheit. It has been suggested that one infected individual will transmit the virus to at least 14 others prior to detection. There are no known methods to prevent infection aside from containment at this time.

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