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Women in Medicine

The team at Mountainside Medical would like to commemorate the contribution of women in medicine this March by recognizing the role they play in the industry. Overcoming numerous obstacles throughout history, women have contributed to scientific development, care, and teaching. Currently, women represent 30% of physicians and that number is growing with the number of students and residents each year.

The United States has seen explosive growth in the prevalence of women in medicine over its history beginning with Elizabeth Blackwell in 1849. After receiving her medical degree from Geneva Medical College, Ms. Blackwell went on to establish a college for women and an infirmary just 20 years later. In the late 1800's, based on this precedent, the inclusion of women in medicine continued with noble figures such as Mary Harris Thompson, MD and her Hospital for Women and Children being founded in Chicago.

Up to the mid 1900's, women still pursued dreams of joining the medical profession but represented less than 10% of all physicians. However, throughout the late 1900's the prevalence of women in medicine grew exponentially arming the profession with nearly 300 thousand physicians.

Ranging from contributions to medical treatment in hospitals, military facilities, research, and in the community, women from all races and backgrounds have struggled through oppression to make advancements in research, care, and treatment. We invite you to remember our students, nurses, physicians, and care personnel that have been at our side throughout history to assure our successful recovery.

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