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Nutrition and Wound Care

Nutrition and Wound Care

 Numerous studies have identified a link between proper  nutrition and effective wound care. Patients at risk of  malnutrition are susceptible to delayed healing, increased  reaction to medication, atrophy, and infection. To maximize  a complete care plan for a patient, nutrition considerations  must include overall health, functioning, and the healing  process.

Proper nutrition assessments for patients requiring wound care typically include analysis of biometric, biochemical, clinical, and historical consumption. Biometric data includes considerations such as height, weight, and Body Mass Index (BMI). Biochemical data is yielded from testing such as blood and urine samples to identify current levels of nutrients and organ functioning. This data is readily supplied through medical charts and intake information combined with initial testing. In order to make this effective however, the clinical data must be acquired and this includes factors like open wounds, illness, sores, burns, and breaks. Each of these clinical factors affects the required amount of nutrients for the patient. When at all possible, historical data is compiled such as eating habits, preferences, etc. in order to best tailor an effective delivery system.

High risk patients tend to exhibit signs of malnutrition such as weakness, depression, and gastrointestinal issues. Wound care programs for these patients must include a nutritional program that will help boost immune function, increase proteins for rebuilding tissue, and ensure medications function effectively.

Nutrition and effective wound care afford the best potential for the healing of existing sores and prevention of future issues. When properly configured, a dietary plan can make the difference between successful treatment and advanced infection or even death.

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