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Silvadene For My Horses

At Mountainside Medical Equipment we are always looking for new beneficial or unique applications for products that can provide a positive impact in our customer's lives. Through a discussion with one of our customers, we were educated on the benefits of horse owners and veterinarians using Silver Sulfadiazine Cream for treating trail injuries. Our customer even passed along a great reference from Western Horseman magazine's April 2012 issue spotlighting a couple of applications.

The uses of Silver Sulfadiazine Cream for treating common trail injuries include lacerations, stone bruising, and even eye injuries. Conveyed by Shannon Moreaux, DVM, a small container of Silver Sulfadiazine Cream can come in handy on the trail for treating and protecting minor ailments. We recommend that all horse owners review a full copy of the article for helpful tips and techniques for 10 of the most common trail injuries.


Highlights of Thermazine and Horse Care

Lacerations - trails are riddled with branches, jagged rocks, and debris that can result in any number of small to large wounds. Moreaux recommended using a thin coating of Silver Sulfadiazine Cream after cleansing the wound to aid in healing and protection from contaminants.

Burns - we all know that the constant rubbing of a saddle, rope, or other items can cause a horse's skin to appear raw or burned leading to a great deal of discomfort and the potential for infection. Moreaux suggests cleansing the area with a mild antiseptic and applying a layer of Thermazine to aid in healing and protection.

Eye Injury - using Silvadene for lacerations and burns may be intuitive for most; however, it can also be effective for treating eye injuries. A horse is often confronted with a rogue branch or tail. Adding a pea-sized amount to the corner of the affected eye will help coat the affected area as the horse blinks.

For most, your horse is as much a part of the family as your relatives. Afford the same level of concern and care that you would extend to yourself and it will surely result in years of service in kind. We applaud Moreaux and the staff at Western Horseman Magazine for communicating these Silver Sulfadiazine Cream tips and tricks, and invite all to share this and other fantastic information.

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