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What is Normothermia?

Normothermia is the condition at which a body is at normal temperature, which is essential to healthy cell functioning. Normal temperature can aid in comfort as well as wound healing, especially in care or surgical settings.

Why is Normothermia important?

As already noted, normal body temperatures facilitate the healing process and affect overall patient comfort. A change as small as half a degree can cause shivering, discomfort, and delay wound healing. In an operating room setting, a decrease in body temperature is common due to the cool environment and administration of room temperature fluids in conjunction with the invasiveness of the procedures.

How is Normothermia addressed?

Currently, many facilities and care providers utilize a reactive approach to maintaining Normothermia by means of warming blankets if a patient complains of being cold or shivers. However, lower temperatures may exist and affect the patient even if not to the degree of hypothermia.

How can we ensure Normothermia?

Blanket and fluid warmers in the facility can help to address temperature change and can be utilized as a preventative rather than reactive approach for patient care. Various warmers are available for I.V. fluids, irrigation and injection fluids, and warming blankets that feature individual compartment temperature control, maneuverability, and even reporting for quality control. Browse available thermal management items designed to provide a proactive temperature control solution.

What difference will ensuring Normothermia make to my patients?

From a patient satisfaction standpoint, maintaining a normal body temperature increases patient comfort. This increase in quality of care will lead to better review of the facility and staff increasing repeat visits and referrals.

From a patient care standpoint, thermal management will aid in fending off disease and infection while enabling cells to function and heal normally. This will lead to less post-surgical complication, faster recovery times, and improved success rates.

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