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Whirlpool Therapy

Posted on April 12 2012

As part of the rehabilitation process, whirlpool therapy is frequently used to treat wounds, relax muscles, and even alleviate agitation - all of which can result in more serious medical complications. Whirlpool therapy is often effective at increasing circulation and decreasing the inflammation reducing pain and healing time.

How is Whirlpool Therapy performed?

Through a combination of air and water forced through jets, the motion and temperature create a gentle massaging affect. Depending on the condition, water temperature may vary as cold tends to work well in treating inflammation, however warm water is great for wounds and increasing circulation.

How can Whirlpool Therapy be used in wound care?

Whirlpool treatments offer a variety of benefits including increased blood flow, loosening and debridement of necrotic tissue, cleansing and exudate removal, and even pain relief.

How is a Whirlpool used for Physical Therapy?

Whirlpool therapy can relieve pain, muscle spasms, and cramping. For specific conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia, the force and warmth of the water can relieve internal pressures and sooth the pain and sensitivity.

How intensive is Whirlpool Therapy?

During rehabilitation, whirlpool therapy is typically performed once or twice daily for increments of 15-20 minutes. At this time, patients are asked to rest the affected area of the body in the whirlpool allowing that area to relax. This is aided by whirlpool desks and adjustable whirlpool therapy chairs.

Is Whirlpool Therapy right for everyone?

Though often used to treat a variety of conditions, in some cases, whirlpool therapy may not be recommended. This determination should be made on an individual basis by a medical practitioner.


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