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Sharps Container Safety

Nearly all healthcare professionals are at risk for injuries from needles or other sharp instruments. Implementing sharps container safety plans can reduce or eliminate the thousands of daily injuries. Evaluate, plan, and train for safe use and disposal of sharps to avoid hazards, injuries, and infection.


Choose sharps safety devices and containers effectively

1) Use products that are equipped with safety features. 2) Select products that are easy-to-use with one hand. 3) Choose products that enable hands to stay behind exposed sharps. 4) Use needle-free IV systems. 5) Purchase sheathed or retractable needles. 6) Use non-breakable items such as plastic capillary tubes. 7) Employ sharps containers.

Be aware of sharps container safety concerns

1) Inserting or withdrawing needles. 2) Handling or passing sharps. 3) Recapping used sharps. 4) Specimen transfer or processing. 5) Cleaning used items after procedures. 6) Disposing of sharps in containers. 7) Sharps left out after procedures.

Implementing sharps container safety plans

1) Keep areas organized and well lit. 2) Ensure proper training for usage and handling. 3) Be mindful of the area and any people around. 4) Use effective monitoring and communication. 5) Accept responsibility for safe handling and cleanup. 6) Engage safety features and dispose in sharps containers. 7) Report any sharps injuries immediately.


The best laid plans still leave room for error, but effective sharps container safety can reduce the number of injuries and extremely costly treatment for injury and infection. Facilities that are committed to safety and training can reduce or eliminate the risks of sharps injury. Browse sharps containers online today, or feel free to call for more information and assistance at 1-888-687-4334.

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