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GC Dry Mouth Gel Video

Everyday many people suffer from Dry Mouth (Xerostomia). The cause of dry mouth can vary anywhere between a Xerostomia illness, taking medications with that as a side effect, radiation/chemotherapy treatments, mouth breathing, and of course dehydration. GC Dry Mouth Gel - as well as MI Paste and MI Paste Plus - can help you combat dry mouth for instant soothing relief. GC Dry Mouth Gel provides a simple one-step solution for dry mouth relief, while MI Paste and MI Paste Plus enhance saliva production while protecting your teeth from the effects of dry mouth.

Recently, we created a video highlighting the benefits of MI Paste and GC Dry mouth gel in relieving Xerostomia. Check out our latest video on YouTube for more information!

MI Paste for Xerostomia Dry Mouth Relief

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