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Diabetes in Teens

A third of American children are considered overweight or obese due to overindulgence habits and a sedentary lifestyle. Because of this rising demographic, the rate of Type 2 diabetes has increased in direct correlation. Despite the prevalence of treatment options for controlling blood sugar, studies are finding that diabetic teens are not as receptive to the medications that have been designed for adults.

A Federally-funded study performed by researchers at the University of Colorado reviewed hundreds of teens recently diagnosed with diabetes and the effect of commonly prescribed medications. Researchers found that despite the diet and exercise counseling coupled with the medications, 1 in 5 still suffered serious complications. This understanding has led medical practitioners to urge prevention methods.

Stories from other studies and from affected teens support the research showing that even with diligent monitoring and treatment, control of their condition was difficult. Even with regular medical checkups, blood glucose monitoring, and medication management, teens are still suffering from sudden rises in blood sugar. The primary concern is that without effective regulation, incidents of serious side effects will continue to increase.

Based on this information, medical care providers are urging the youth to get more physical activity and monitor intake. Diabetes occurs more frequently in less active, overweight individuals. Teens are urged to set aside time for regular physical activity and eat less.

Start taking action toward a healthier, more fulfilling life today by building positive diet and exercise habits. If you are already affected by the disease, get diabetes products today for effective monitoring and treatment of your condition to reduce the risk of further health complications. Browse online for more information today, or contact a friendly representative for assistance at 1-888-687-4334.

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