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Lead Poisoning

Lead poisoning has been a concern in our society for many years now.  While most people are aware that they can get sick from lead and can identify where they might come across it in their daily paths, not many people know what the symptoms of lead poisoning actually are.  If you are a parent, this is important information because children are more susceptible to the poisoning and can pick it up much easier than adults.

Here is a listing of what to look for if you are concerned about lead poisoning:

- Headaches - Irritability - Abdominal Pain - Vomiting - Anemia - Poor attention span - Weight Loss - Noticeable learning difficulty - Slowed speech development - Hyperactivity

In case this is a new topic for you and you are unsure of where you might come in contact with lead, here is a short list of easily identifiable places:

- Old homes - Paint - In the soil around a home - Household dust - Drinking water - The job (construction, demolition, antique restoration, solder, etc) - Old painted toys and furniture - Lead crystal or lead-glazed pottery or porcelain - Industry - Hobbies - Folk Treatments

Remember to always wash your hands if you are concerned you may have come in contact with lead. If you are concerned about lead paint in your house, there are many home inspection agencies and specialists that can come and test your home. Also, if you have paint that is flaking, make sure to handle this immediately. A scraper and simple can of latex paint can make your house that much safer for you and your loved ones.

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