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⛰️ FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $100 OR MORE ⛰️ Toll Free: 1-888-687-4334

Support a Veteran

According to a recent report released by the VA Office of Inspector General, the Department of Veteran's Affairs is inadequately staffed to manage the mental health concerns of returning Veterans. The effect of service can trigger a variety of undesirable responses including depression, substance abuse, and even suicide. These Veterans who so proudly served and protected this nation are being left in the cold upon their return to the US.

A comprehensive review had been performed to assess the current measurement methods being used to treat Veterans, scheduling procedures, and processes for addressing various concerns. In each area, the report concluded that effective systems are not in place to track successful care planning and scheduling of follow up. Reported concerns are expected to be initially addressed within 24 hours with a complete appointment to occur within 14 days. Determinations indicate that the initial review, an allotted 21 minutes, is not sufficient for an initial assessment. Compounding the issue, 95% or less of the scheduled appointments are occurring within 14 days, and follow up evaluations are pushed out to nearly 3 months. During this time, Veterans are struggling to regain their place in society, seek out work, and integrate with their communities. Though the Department of Veteran's Affairs has committed to adding 1,900 new mental health professionals, the proportional increase in staffing is at a lower rate than the last 3 years.

Editorials in the New York Times indicate that the assistance for Veterans is seriously lacking and cited overall health care, mental health, and even housing assistance programs that have been in place to aid many Veterans are grossly mismanaged. It is becoming clear that more support is required to help these individuals assimilate back into the world they so selflessly served.

Mountainside Medical Equipment is proud to be a Veteran Owned Small Business that is committed to staffing and advocating for Veterans. Hiring guidelines, customer relationships, and special pricing programs are some of many features integrated into our business to express our thanks and support for those who have so proudly served us.

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