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Which Scooter Is Right For You?

Much like the wheelchair options on the market today, scooters come in all shapes, sizes and service varying needs.  Designed to allow users to stay active and involved in daily life, scooters have become more and more popular over the last few years.

Transport and Travel Scooters – The transport and/or travel model scooters are designed to be easily portable and lightweight for easy lifting. Most models will disassemble into pieces which make them convenient, as they will fit into the trunk of most vehicles between destinations. Also, most transport and travel scooters have sealed batteries, which make them airplane-safe. Keep in mind that travel scooters have height and weight regulations that can vary by brand and model.

Three Wheel Scooter – Three wheel scooters are commonly designed as permanent units and many are not able to be broken down  for travel like a travel scooter would. They are designed for users who utilize their scooters more often and need more mobility help. Three wheel scooters come with a few features including swivel seats, adjustable tiller range, adjustable seating heights, and seats with sliding depth.

Four Wheel Scooter – These scooters are designed to allow users the freedom to roam out and about on sidewalks, in parks, or at campgrounds. Perfect for active users who need the accessibility to varying terrain types, these scooters are the best option for a user who spends a lot of time outdoors. These scooters commonly feature larger tires, higher ground clearance and a wider turning radius than the average indoor scooter.

Heavy Duty Scooter – Designed for users who weigh up to 500 pounds, they feature the basic amenities and functions coupled with a design more suited for larger individuals.

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