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Ramp It Up!


Get around in your Power Chair or Scooter with convenient Lifts and Ramps

Ramps and lifts can make a wheelchair user's life much more simple and convenient. These great accessories make transporting power chairs and scooters in vehicles easy and simple, in addition to allowing the user easier access to areas of the home. Ramps and lifts are designed to alleviate stress and aggravation from a user's life by providing a pathway into otherwise unusable space.

What kinds of lifts and ramps are available and what needs do they serve?

Entry-way Ramps, or Threshold Ramps, are designed for doorways including sliding glass doorways, landings and many other thresholds. These ramps make going from place to place around your home quick, easy and convenient. Ramps are durable and have modest weight capacities. Never use a ramp that is designed for a lower weight capacity then your needs. These ramps usually have non-skid surfaces for traction and are commonly made of anodized aluminum to prevent heavy corrosion and rust when out in the elements.

Vehicle/Van Ramps are specifically designed to accommodate transfer of a power chair or scooter into a vehicle for transport. Available for side or rear-doors, most Vehicle/Van Ramps work best with mini-vans but can be used with conversion vans or transport vans too. These particular ramps can also be used for outdoor stairs, curbs and other transitional outdoor areas that chairs cannot go. Most models to have modest weight capacities so remember to always buy a ramp that fits within your weight range and never use a ramp that is designed for a lower weight capacity.

Outdoor Lifts are available in both a manual style and the popular power style. These lifts allow for transport of power chairs and scooters from place to place.  Rear-attaching lifts will fit on most larger vehicles like SUVs, Mini-Vans and RVs. Lifts that load chairs and scooters from the side are used to safely transfer power chairs and scooters into pick-up truck beds where they are then secured. Many features of both manual and power lifts include dual side-loading battery packs, a special powdered finish to elongate the life-span of your lift, rise and drop controls and adapters, as well as a foldable design for easy storage when not in use. Most vehicles will require a special hitch package in order to utilize the power lift.

Interior Lifts are an incredible piece of machinery that is mounted to the interior of a vehicle. Interior lifts can be temporarily installed and can be used in mini-vans, SUVs, conversion vans and in many station wagon models. These lifts are designed to be lightweight, compact, and foldable for easy dismantling and storage. Also, due to this nice feature, interior lifts are highly portable and can easily be transferred from vehicle to vehicle if necessary. Interior lifts base "legs" are adjustable and not all models must be bolted to the floor. These lifts also offer convenient operation with remote capability.

Help make getting around in your wheelchair or scooter easier and safer with a ramp or lift today!

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