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Rabies Cases Increase in 2012

We all remember the horrible ending to the wonderful story of Old Yeller. He is the dog who defends, protects and antagonizes his loving family until he falls victim to rabies and young Travis must sacrifice him and learn a major lesson in adulthood.

Rabies is a viral infection of the central nervous system that breaks down brain function and destroys a victim's abilities to think or act normally. It can also result in major aggression in animals, as seen in Old Yeller. The virus can incubate anywhere from 9 days to 7 years and the disease is 100% fatal if not treated within a short time of exposure, regardless of the incubation period.

Mountainside Medical Equipment is located in Central New York in the County of Oneida where 5 confirmed cases of rabies have already been reported this year – that’s more than half of the total confirmed cases in all of 2011. Cases are also popping up in surrounding counties. It has been suggested that the volume of cases has increased due to the mild winter we’ve had, as many animals stop hibernating in the early spring to start foraging for food. There also appears to be incline of confirmed cases all over the United States. While there is no cause for panic, it is a good time to become reacquainted with rabies prevention.

Protect you and your loved ones by keeping your eyes peeled for wild animals that are acting odd, or look like they may be in distress. Vaccinate all of your household pets (that are mammals) and remember to report any bites you or your pet have received to your local animal control immediately.

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