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Brotox: The Latest Fad For Men

Botox is back in the news and making quite the splash. However, this time it’s the usage by adult men that is creating the buzz, as well as a newly coined term, "Brotox." Over the past few years it has become a trend for men, including straight men, to go and have a little work done to themselves.

Many men are looking for ways to make themselves look and feel younger, without an invasive process or long recovery. This makes Botox a perfect solution. Most of these men seem to be more focused on what parts they needs to have touched up rather than a complete facial makeover, like many women go for. The most common problems men try to erase are a furrowed brow and crow's feet with the end goal being to create a friendly and more approachable face.

So, what is Botox? Botox is actually a purified form of the Botulinium toxin that when taken orally (and in large doses) causes blockage of the nerves from brain to muscle, and is known as botulism. In the small doses used for Botox, the toxin only blocks the targeted nerve and thus allows the muscle to relax as the nerve can no longer send it messages for movement.

With a culture that continues to revel in anti-aging processes, it was only a matter of time before men jumped on the band wagon for plastic surgery. While many men, prior to the Brotox trend, have had invasive procedures done, most men have said they prefer this method to keep their looks fresh in a highly competitive job market and to erase the furrowed brow "angry face."

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