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Mountainside Medical Equipment Participates in Utica Boilermaker Road Race 2012

“There’s something about running, cycling and triathlons at a local level. These events bring out people of all abilities, shapes, sizes and creeds, all with similar goals - to finish, to beat their best time, or to earn that T-shirt that was tossed in the swag bag (as my wife calls it). After the gun goes off, you prepare yourself for the journey ahead, and the next thing you know you're 2, 3, 4, 7, 9 miles into it and don't know what happened. What you do remember are the fans cheering you on, the signs that line the streets, the high-fives from the crowd, and the one person at every race ringing the cowbell. When you reach that finish line, your feet hurt, your ankles are sore, and your chest is pounding, but one thing is for sure - you are proud, you are ecstatic and you may even cry for what you just accomplished.” - Quoted by Mike Shaughnessy, MME freelance videographer/editor and first-time Utica Boilermaker runner this year.

On Sunday, July 8th, the team at Mountainside Medical Equipment found out just how true this quote was as we got to be a part of and enjoy one of Utica, NY’s biggest events - the 2012 Boilermaker Road Race. We joined forces with the Utica Firefighters Friends and Family Association serving hot, thirsty runners, walkers and wheelchair racers water and ice at their water table located around mile 6 of the race.

The Utica Firefighters Friends and Family Association has held this water table for over a decade. We had great teachers who knew exactly what needed to be done. Jackie Thibault, our group organizer, was excellent as person-in-charge and kept things running smoothly and efficiently.

As a company, it was Mountainside Medical's first time being involved with the Boilermaker volunteer staff and it was a first-time experience for each of the employees who participated, as well. While we have all taken time to watch the race on the local television station, or even on the area sidewalks as it passes, none of us had ever been "officially" involved and it was a very cool experience.

About an hour into the race, we were all very excited to see one of our own come by the table - Brett Barnum, Mountainside Medical's Accounting Manager, ran the 15K and came in at 1:15:22. Brett has run this race quite a few times and continues to make excellent time through the course.

We were all very surprised by the amount of appreciation for volunteers and all the “thank you's” that we received during the race. The focus that is needed to accomplish a 9.3 mile race is tremendous, so the fact that anyone had the breath or the thought to be so polite was inspiring, and, for Boilermaker volunteer novices like us, pretty encouraging. Also, the sense of teamwork between the Firefighters Friends and Family Association and Mountainside Medical was fantastic, and we celebrated with a fun group picture before heading down to the Saranac Brewery for the official Boilermaker Post-Race Party.

Mountainside Medical Equipment would like to congratulate all of the Boilermaker finishers and send a big “thank you” to all of the other volunteer groups that participated in the event. This was a great inaugural experience for us and we cannot wait until the 2013 Boilermaker next year!

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