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Self Defense for the Elderly

Senior citizens are often viewed as helpless and unable to protect themselves, which often makes them victims of crimes. However, a new trend is sweeping various countries around the world – self defense for the elderly.

Because of the weakened physical state of the elderly, criminals often view them as helpless and easy to overtake. Today, many people on their way to becoming seniors are working to change this stigma and become empowered, self-reliant individuals when it comes to personal safety.

Classes targeting self defense for the elderly are popping up all over. Often taught by practicing or retired martial arts instructors, these classes are designed to work with the abilities, skills, and available defense weapons of the older population. By using canes as props, as well as teaching strategic maneuvers, these programs allow seniors the chance to remain independent and come up with a plan of action should they ever encounter an assailant.

Some programs are designed to teach seniors to use mobility aids as weapons. One such class, Cane-Fu, was recently featured on ABC News. This class shows that the cane can easily transform from a walking aid to a pain-inducing tool with a simple swing. Using the cane’s length, the victim can easily impact different parts of an attacker’s body in succession, causing the attacker pain and making time for the victim to get away. Using the hands to attack the face, a senior is also instructed to focus on the eyes and nose, and to utilize a few different methods to deflect an attacker. There is even a special “senior escape” for choke holds.

There are also several other preventative self-defense techniques taught that a senior can use, such as not carrying a purse unless it is filled with non-necessities, traveling with a buddy, yelling loudly if an attacker is present, and carrying pepper-spray for immediate protection. Senior self defense classes have proven to be valuable, and can help save a life.

Self defense for the elderly is becoming a booming trend in many facets. Not only does it promote independence and safety, but it also helps keeps seniors active and fit. At first glance, one may wonder what kind of person would attack an elderly person. Unfortunately, the reality is that this happens daily, which is why more and more could-be victims are joining in.

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