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Kinect for Xbox May Help Battle Obesity

Often ridiculed for promoting a sedentary lifestyle (especially in this day and age with obesity on the rise), and for providing a mindless obsession for kids, video games are now offering health benefits as an added bonus. A recent study indicates that the Kinect for Xbox may burn enough calories to classify as exercise.

Video games that require physical participation are made to entice children to get up off the couch, yet still provide that same virtual entertainment many look for in games. The study indicates that both heart rate rises and additional calories are burned during these games. The Kinect for Xbox system seems to provide better physical results in comparison to the Nintendo Wii gaming system. The reason behind this is the Kinect system requires full body motion in order to operate the sensors, while the Wii system still requires the use of the hand remote to manipulate the game.

Active video games, including dancing and boxing games, played on the Kinect system can increase energy expenditures by over 100% compared to sedentary games. Researchers compared the level of exercise to that of ballroom dancing or walking. Daily, children spend almost 2 hours playing video games. By playing an active participation game, for the same daily amount of time, kids can affect their weight by almost a pound a week.

America is a nation suffering from obesity, with the problem trickling down into younger generations. While there is no substitute for outdoor physical activity, video game companies are finally offering alternative options for parents and kids. With the right games to play, the Kinect for Xbox may help battle obesity. Finally, there are video games both parents and kids can agree on.


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