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Vitamin D ineffective against the common cold

Vitamin D is an essential part of human life. It plays a large roll in our body’s immunity and ability to fight off illness. However, a recent study indicates that while it is active in our immune systems, taking Vitamin D supplements in ineffective against the common cold. The study, conducted in New Zealand, included 322 randomly selected adults who were divided into groups with some receiving Vitamin D, and others a placebo. The dosages were handed out monthly and were larger than a daily recommended dosage. Over the course of the study, participants contracted head colds, and results indicate that Vitamin D did nothing to lessen, or stop the severity of the cold. As a preventative supplement, Vitamin D has landed on the list of therapies with no, or questionable benefit. Some other therapies include Vitamin C, garlic, Echinacea, zinc, saline nasal irrigation, and increased fluid intake. Several researchers say that more tests must be done to solidify this finding. The lead researcher would like to see results from a study where participants took a regular dosage daily. While many are not ready to give up on using Vitamin D as a natural remedy for the common cold, others agree that colds may be one of many health conditions we will never have a cure or treatment for. Participants who were Vitamin D deficient saw the best results from the trial and gained the most from the study. The Vitamin D supplement brought their level up high enough to be in the ball park range of other participants. Though not warding off the cold altogether, it is speculated that the severity of symptoms was lessened in these individuals. There were positive results for participants suffering from COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder) as well. More research will continue to be done to determine what can be learned about how Vitamin D affects other conditions and infections. While  Vitamin D a key to our all-around nutrition, the study confirms that is ineffective against the common cold.   Sources: MedPage Today - CNN - Time Healthland -
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