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Gut Bacteria May Indicate Type 2 Diabetes

A new study indicates that gut bacteria may be an indicator for type 2 diabetes. A team of Chinese scientists were able to map more than 60,000 markers on digestive bacteria. It was found that patients with type 2 diabetes maintained a higher level of harmful bacteria than those without the condition. The new field of “metagenomics” is responsible for the innovative findings. Metagenomics examines patterns across the colonies of bacteria instead of observing each organism individually. Researchers were able to identify a pattern of sustained harmful bacteria in only those suffering from type 2 diabetes. These bacteria provide resistance to medications and can affect the treatment of patients with the pancreatic disorder. The next step for researchers is to extract the diabetes related bacteria and implant them into the digestive tracks of mice. If the mice contract diabetes, further research will be done to exploit the bacteria for any treatment possibilities. With new research projects ahead, scientist hope to identify the cause-and-effect relationship between harmful bacteria and type 2 diabetes. Though gut bacteria may be an indicator for type 2 diabetes, it is unknown whether the specific bacteria are the actual cause. Further research will provide a gauge for dietary adjustments, medication alterations, and hopefully a cure.   Sources: Medical News Today: U.S. News Health/HealthDay - Times of India -
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