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Physical Signs of Aging and Heart Health

Physical signs of aging trigger varied responses depending on the individual, but let’s face it, no one wants to see wrinkles and crow’s feet. Now, there is a new reason that people should be concerned about the physical signs of aging, heart disease. In a new study, researchers found that people who display 3 to 4 of the normal aging signs are 57% more likely to experience a heart attack. In addition, those who display physical aging signs are 39% more likely to develop heart disease. The study was conducted with 11,000 participants, men and women aged 40 and older. The study followed the participants over the course of a 35 year period. At the final follow-up, numbers determined that 3,401 participants had developed heart disease and 1,708 had experience a heart attack. These participants displayed 3 to 4 of the normal physical signs of aging. Physical aging signs which played a role in the study include baldness at the crown, receding hairline at the temples, gray hair, wrinkles, earlobe creasing, and fatty deposits around the eyes. Having more than one of each aging sign further increased risk of poor cardiovascular health, though fatty deposits around the eyes seemed to be the highest indicator of all the aging signs. Though people in their 70’s with common aging signs continue to be at highest risk for heart complications, those 40 and up shouldn’t feel safe. Aging signs are indiscriminate, everyone will experience at least one physical marker common with aging at some point. However, if poor cardiovascular health is a predisposition in the family gene pool and multiple signs of aging are beginning to appear, it might be time to start looking at creating a healthier lifestyle for yourself and your heart.   Sources: Los Angeles Times - Health -,0,5430271.story WebMD - AFP -
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