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Give the Gift of Health and Fitness

With the holiday gift-giving season upon us, fitness and health equipment is growing in popularity. Between fitness apps and at-home equipment gift possibilities are endless. Fortunately, there are fitness options available at every price point, to keep loved ones and your pocket healthy during the holidays. Rising in popularity are the wide variety of fitness apps available for Smartphones, iPods, and iPhones. Many apps are designed to the monitor different activities performed inside and outside of the home. Additionally, the programming in the apps is compatible with large at home-fitness equipment. The iFit app for iPhone captures detailed information about runs. It then communicates to an iFit enabled treadmill at home and will duplicate the previous course. So whether you took a run in Hawaii or around the block, the iFit app remembers all aspects of these runs and then duplicates them on the at-home treadmill. Home exercise videos are still as popular as ever. Some are designed to offer up-beat cardio routines, while others focus on toning or relaxation techniques, including yoga. Some home exercise videos come in a series, offering beginner levels workouts all the way to experience level workouts. By investing in a series, the user is able to continue to build their endurance and stamina by continually progressing through the series. Many trainers suggest giving support items to those who are already physically active. A new yoga mat or a foam roller can make the perfect gift. Additionally, products to help ease sore muscles, like BioFreeze, ACE bandages, or whole body wellness products including dietary supplements, and vitamins make great stocking stuffers. Other support products that make great gifts include Mini Calorie Pedometers, Hot and Cold Packs, and Kinesio Tape which became extremely popular during this summer’s Olympic Games. Small at-home fitness equipment is also available and works well for the older fitness fiend. Mabis makes a great Mini-Stepper and Bike Peddler that allow the older user to exercise comfortably and safely. For seniors who are wheelchair bound, the Skil-Care X-Box is a unique item that attaches to the wheelchair and allows the user to work their upper body through the use of tension cords. So this year, when you are searching for that great gift at any price point, consider giving the gift of health. Fitness is becoming more and more important as we work through healthcare issues including diabetes and obesity. Even small changes to our daily lives can impact our overall health. With all of the easy-to-use products on the market, there is a fitness gift for every user, at every level. Sources: Reuters -
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