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Asparagus - A New Hangover Remedy?

The holiday season is quickly coming to a close. New Year’s Eve is fast approaching and if you haven’t yet experienced a hangover from all of the festivities, New Year’s may very well be your night. A new study has drawn attention to the hangover blocking potential of asparagus, a vegetable that is also packed with healthy nutrients for the body. The study, conducted in South Korea, found that the plentiful amino acids and minerals of the asparagus leaves are effective at protecting the liver from toxins, while alleviating many painful hangover symptoms. Shoots are also beneficial for good health, but through the study, researchers found that leaves carry the greatest amount of nutrients, allowing to better-protect the liver. Chronic heavy drinking tends to bring on the worst hangover symptoms, also providing heavy liver damage over time. While asparagus in no way protects against alcoholism or severe liver damage, for the average drinker who may go a bit overboard once in a while, the benefits can make the next day much more pleasant. By counteracting many of the body toxins produced by drinking alcohol, asparagus can actually help to make the body feel better after a night out on the town. With one of the biggest social holidays of the year approaching, upping asparagus intake is no longer good just for overall health; it is good for keeping the body healthy when enjoying libations. Widely used in herbal supplement for its antioxidant abilities, asparagus may not be the best-tasting vegetable, but eating several stalks at dinner, or just because, can help make your New Year’s Day as great as your New Year’s Eve. Sources: DailyMail UK - Health - Medical Daily - Popular Science -
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